My 5th Great Grandfather, Jacob Prickett, 1722 – 1797

Jacob Prickett Sr

Jacob PRICKETT Sr. (1722 – 1797) – 5th great-grandfather
Josiah PRICKETT Sr (1746 – 1808) – son of Jacob PRICKETT Sr.
John PRITCHETT (1784 – 1845) – son of Josiah PRICKETT Sr
Prudence PRITCHETT (1813 – 1869) – daughter of John PRITCHETT
Emory HOUCK (1844 – 1913) – son of Prudence PRITCHETT
Ethel Pearl HOUCK (1891 – 1977) – daughter of Emory HOUCK
Vickers James HAZLETT (1914 – 2003) – son of Ethel Pearl HOUCK
Charles R HAZLETT – (1942 – TBA) son of Vickers James HAZLETT

Here is the best story line I have found concerning the life of Jacob:

Jacob Prickett

Here is a reconstructed version of Jacob’s fort. It was built to provide refuge against Indian raid. I cannot be certain and I am still looking for verification, but I am of the opinion that George Washington probably stayed at this fort on his return from “Fort Necessity”. This reconstructed fort is a West Virginia State Park.

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  1. Marjorie Berry Sumner
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    As I was researching ancestry, I found out that Captain Jacob Prickett, Sr is my 8th great uncle on my Paternal Grandmother’s side. So honored to have him as part of our family!!!

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